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Sustainable Systems

How well do staff know your business processes work and how easy is it for staff to locate policies or procedures?


Process 2 Action keeps all this knowhow securely online so business information is only a click away. 

Powerful Simplicity

Process 2 Action let's you define your organisation by completing  a few simple steps.


Process 2 Action then cleverly stores and relates this information to provide users' with the information they need to perform wok quickly and easily.

Standardise and Streamline Business Processes

Define => Manage => Succeed

"Everything I need in one place"

What people are saying

We needed an easy to use solution

to capture and share

how the business operates.

We needed clear

roles and responsibilities

so everyone knows

what they need to do.

We needed to track and

improve performance and

hold people accountable.

Other solutions didn't measure up

so we built Process 2 Action.

Our Story

Process 2 Action aims to revolutioniise

how our customers provide

products and services

by helping them to:

  • Document their business

  • Make people accountable

  • Track Progress

  • Manage customer and supplier interactions

  • Manage documentation.

Our Vision

Process 2 Action is an online web application that centralises business policies, processes and procedures so staff and trusted partners have easy access to know what they need to do and who does what in the business..

Run process workflows and keep track of job and task progress..

Who are we
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Tel: 123-456-7890

500 Terry Francois Street

San Francisco, CA 94158

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